Animals and Marijuana: All the information

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Animali e Marijuana tutto quello che cè da sapere

After the first pioneering experiences of states such as Colorado, the legalization of marijuana ("pot" in jargon) for therapeutic use for humans expands in the USA.
One of the unnoticed effects of the November 2016 election that brought Donald Trump to the White House is that medical cannabis is now legal in half of the United States.
Eight other states have legalized it by referendum also for so-called "recreational" use.
In this scenario, the tendency of pet owners to give them products based on cannabis extracts is becoming increasingly popular.

Tinctures and biscuits for cats and dogs are increasingly popular

From arthritis to anxiety, from heart problems to cancer. To date, however, therapeutic use in the veterinary field remains an outlawed practice even in the United States with the related legal and medical risks.
In an article last December, entitled "Fashion & Style", the New York Times takes stock of the situation and describes the wide new audience of possible recipients of legal marijuana in the United States: the four-legged ones.
Although there is no certification from the agency, the personal stories told in the article describe the beneficial effects and exclude the most feared one on the animal treated with cannabis products, the "high"

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