Organic Hemp Lavender Soap
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Hemp and Lavender Soap


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Hemp and Lavender soap, natural with hemp and lavender oil. Artisanal, made in Italy.

Relaxing, fragrant. For oily skin.

INGREDIENTS: sodium cocoate, potassium cocoate, aqua, glycerin, parfum, cannabis sativa seed oil, lavandula angustifolia flower, C.I. 74180. N.b . as indicated by BioDizionario, the last two ingredients are not considered harmful as they are present to a lesser extent (ie listed at the end of the INCI list).

The active ingredients are extracted from organic cultivation. It does not contain allergens. Not tested on animals. They are completely organic and natural These vegetable soaps are made with the classic cold dough method, allowing the active ingredients of the plant substances used to remain unchanged. The formulation of these products consists of 100% pure natural coconut oil. During the saponification process, glycerin, very important for the emollience and hydration of a good soap, is formed naturally and thanks to it causes the hydrolipidic mantle to reform faster.